Firstly, what is PortQry?

Well, it’s a little program which can be used via command line or through a GUI to test specific ports on an IP.

You can obtain it here.

Now how can it be useful?

Sure, you can use Telnet [Port#] to the same effect (Kind of) but this little program can be scripted to allow you to test rules on both software and hardware firewalls.

I originally used it to module test rules on our Cisco ASA5510, since then I’ve moved on to a more advanced script which I’ll share.

So a little explanation, this script will allow you to enter a server name or IP to test again, you then specify the port and it’ll test that port against the specified IP with some TCP traffic.

Again, this can be built on but there is a more robust Powershell script which I’ll post at a later date for this purpose.

Either way, a cool little program.