Month: February 2012

Mozilla Firefox 10 ESR

For those out of the loop… Firefox 10 ESR is Mozilla’s attempt at trying to recoup some of their market share by catering (I use this word very loosely) to enterprise companies by now offering a deploy-able and supposed customizable Firefox package.

Now, personally, I’ve been deploying Firefox for some time by using Frontmotion .msi packages, those guys are great and will pack up a tidy .msi in no time which can then be edited in Orca to disable features such as Auto Update etc…

But none the less, Mozilla are giving it a whirl despite 7 months ago telling enterprise customers to “Drop Dead” (Source).

So, without further ado here are the gory details of Mozilla’s attempt to leap back up on market share.

Mozilla will offer an Extended Support Release (ESR) based on an official release of Desktop Firefox. Releases will be initially maintained for nine release cycles (currently 54 weeks, which is close to the target of 52 weeks the proposal is attempting to hit), with point releases coinciding with regular Firefox releases.

To permit organizations sufficient time for testing and certification, the ESR will have a two cycle (12 week) overlap between the time of a new release and the end-of-life of the previous release. This will allow organizations who control updates (e.g. have disabled automated updates) to Firefox to qualify and test against Aurora and Beta builds for twelve weeks leading up to the ESR, and an additional 12 weeks to certify and transition to a new ESR. Organizations that rely on Firefox’s built-in updater may be limited to a transition period of 6 weeks, dependant upon how the ESR releases are maintained.

The proposal can be read here.

Now, whilst I don’t totally agree with what is proposed I’ve gone ahead and deployed it to all non-developers within my organization.

Hold on a second, where can you download it?

Ah, well this was the very very first issue I had. Even though it had been released, finding the actual download was quite an issue even with my expertise in google-fu.

You can find the downloads tucked away on the Down…wait no, the FAQ page (I must confess since the first draft of this post there is now a download page located here)

Wait… it’s an .exe, enterprise??

Yeh well… uhmm.. :/ I don’t know

And, how to deploy?

Personally, I used PDQDeploy to deploy it, but you can use any of the usual methods of PSEXEC, GPO etc to get it done.

One thing you’ll want to know is the silent switch which is simple /s or I believe -ms this will allow you to deploy it and to have it install without user interaction.

Also from what I can gather is it can install over the top of previous Firefox installs, but this made need a little more testing!

Best of luck!

Trello – Organise Work and Life

I guess I’ve lacked a little bit of content up and over on here. The goal of this Blog? was to really give me a reference to look back on and see how much I’ve improved.

It was only 18 months ago that I was doing lots of data entry, I wasn’t even working in IT and now I’m here with my CCNA, scripting away, destroying group policies, designing fully fault tolerant virtualized systems for our production environments and generally improving every day.

I only wish I started this Tumblr when I started out on my SysAdmin adventures.

But alas, better late than never.

Now, this brings me onto something else, organization of work.

How do you do it? 

I’ve tried multiple things from using a calendar, pen & paper and even such things as Evernote and yet none of them seemed to fit me.

All I was looking for was a place to store ideas, requests, reminders and attach some files and that’s where Trello really has triumphed for me.

The best way to think of Trello is a collection of cork boards, and to each item you place on it you can pin others. These boards can be made public or kept private and are all fully searchable.

For me personally, I’ve found myself having two primary boards, work, and home. Each has a subsection, for work it follows a very Agile/Kanban approach but more tuned to my personal workflow.

For home use, it tracks personal goals, reminders, events etc.

I’m not going to give too much of an in-depth review of it, just an idea for any of those people out there looking to try something new, it’s not much to commit to… just a simple web page, no extra apps, just one page.

But, yep that’s about it. I urge you to try it out, if you’re fighting procrastination or are generally all over the place then try and get everything locked down. Sure, I’m not perfect, but I’m trying.. at the end of the day, it all helps go towards your overall focus.