So Google Drive, pretty cool eh? It seems nice so far!

Something I’ve found myself doing is using it sync my Sublime Text 2 files I’m working on, but I figure I can go one better and sync my Sublime Text 2 settings to create a seamless environment to work in.

I just have to say, if you’ve not tried Sublime Text 2 out, I really… really think you should! It’s pretty damn awesome, so awesome here’s a link.

Now down to business;

First thing first, install Google Drive over @

Now for the steps;

  • Map your gDrive to a drive letter using methods here;
  • Create a new folder in your gDrive, call it Sublime
  • Open up a windows browser and head on over to %APPDATA%Sublime Text 2
  • Move all the folders from here to your shiny new folder in your gDrive (There should be 5 folders, Backup, Installed Packages, Packages, Pristine Packages, Settings)
  • Make a backup of the %APPDATA%Sublime Text 2 directory and then delete the folders that sit in it.

Okie Doke, now it’s time to use mklink. Fire up a cmd prompt (As an administrator -_-)

And here goes, you’ll want to alter C:\Users\fen\Google Drive to your gDrive’s drive letter (e.g. Y:), then the magical mklink will create a link to your gDrive so that Sublime Text 2 will use the config files you just moved~!

Drum roll please, that’s that over and done with.

This method could be used by quite a few programs I’m sure.