So, over the past days, I’ve overcome quite a few hurdles in getting Icinga up and running, configured with windows hosts and such.

As part of the process, I’ve rolled back the VM time and time again just to understand exactly what is going on with it all and not blindly following a guide.

I’m now at a point where I’m happy and deciding how to complete the rest of the setup and deployment.

Now, if you’ve ever set up Nagios or Icinga, you’ll know the configuration files can be quite messy to a novice (And some of the vets at times I imagine!)

So, whilst I may know the system… it’d make no logical sense to anyone else I work with, or if I were to be struck by lightning, my less-cool replacement.

To counter this, I gave some thought of how to arrange stuff within’ Icinga, after some google-fu I came across a post by Matt Simmons which really hit the nail on the head as far as I’m concerned see;

So this is the result, and by far no means finalized work in progress for how our Icinga directory will end up looking;

  • Hostgroups
    • App-Servers
    • SQL-Servers
    • Windows-Servers
    • HAProxy-Servers
    • Linux-Servers
    • VMWareHosts
  • Objects
    • Commands
    • Computers
      • Windows
      • Linux
    • Network
      • Firewall
      • Switches
      • Routers
      • VPN Links
    • ESX Hosts
    • Misc
  • Services
    • WindowsServices
    • LinuxServices
    • VMWareServices
    • SQLServices
    • HAProxyServices
    • AppServices
    • DefaultServices
  • Templates
  • Modules
  • Stylesheets

These are a little generic names, they’ll be altered for our environment to match as much structure as possible that we have elsewhere e.g. Windows Security groups, AV groups, folders on our VMWare Datacenter etc.

But, by abusing hostgroups… it should be possible to “configure” a machine by simply creating its own host file (w00t!)

I’ll also be looking to streamline some of the following post into our config as well;

Once this is done and dusted, everything is populated… The next task will be trying to automate the addition of hosts~!