Now, this was one of the first issues I ran into during my foray of being a SysAdmin.

We were a small shop, about 80 desktops and most if not all software deployment was done by hand. This meant we had lots of outdated software and a sizeable overhead when an end user would request an updated to X,Y,Z.

Now, as a somewhat of a start up and being new in my role, I wasn’t one to quickly recommend the most expensive solution. Instead, I decided to give PDQDeploy a whirl. It proved a decent hit.

And why not? It ticked every box we needed

  • Simple software deployment
  • Can be scheduled
  • Post-deployment reports

And still to this day for pushing out Firefox, Java, Shockwave, Reader, Flash (Damn you!), iTunes updates and other small little programs.

When this is tied hand in hand with a Secunia mailing list it’ll give you a pretty good head start on when systems will need to be patched.

So if you’ve been tasked with restructuring your software deployment process or just looking to reduce some workload, I’d suggest you give PDQDeploy a whirl.

Damn… This reads like a sales post.