So, you’ve just migrated from GoDaddy or you’re starting your shiny blog as part of the new year (Like Myself!) and you’re trying to get your Hover domain linking to your Tumblr.

Well, let me give you a helping hand as from what I could see there were no guides to it!

Firstly, you need to read up what Tumblr reckon to all of this;

Alrighty, well that seems pretty clear-cut. Now to set it up.

  • Head on over to Hover and log in and click the domain you wish to point to your Tumblr.
  • From here, select the DNS tab
  • Now, here you want to make some A Records. To do this, select Add New
  • Under Local host Enter Tumblr select A Record and enter the IP of 
  • You’ll also want to map and * in the exact same manner

You should end up with 5 DNS records in total for your domain, 2 will be the default mail ones that were created and the other 3 should be Tumblr, @ and * A Records mapped to Tumblr’s IP which is

Now, these changes can take up to 72 hours to propagate. In the meantime you can set up Tumblr so once everything has configured it should work. To do this simply follow the following;

Now log in to Tumblr, click the name of your blog at the top of the Dashboard, and clickSettings. Check off “Use a custom domain name”, and enter your custom domain (ie. “”). Click “Save Changes”,

And that’s that. You should have your custom domain redirecting to your blog ^^